Massive Flooding in Kakuma

There is massive flooding in Kakuma following heavy rains in the region. Kakuma soil is believed to be unpenetratable by water and poor drainage system is worsening the situation. Bridges and roads linking to major cities are flooding causing a delay and shortage of supplies delivery to the camp. Roads aroumd the camp are unpassable and movement is limited. Stucking mud is challenging both motorists and pedestrians who are forced to stay in one location. Business activities are relenting and just a few people are seen in business streets. Some shops are inaccessible. Frogs have hijacked water pools that have formed almost everywhere singing multi-vocal songs. Mosquitoes are everywhere and everyone should sleep in a mosquitoe net now.
Join efforts with Kakuma Ventures to respond to disasters that are affecting life of around 200k people in the camp. Help to put in place a strong supply chain system that will ensure availability and movements of supplies in any hard time like the current one.