How Kakuma Ventures is changing lives in Kakuma Refugee Camp

Kakuma Ventures has been around in the Kakuma refugee camp for just 4 years. During this time, the enterprise founded and led by the refugees themselves embarked on a critical mission to identify and solve one critical problem affecting the people confined to Kakuma camp to solve most problems across different sectors.

Something that captured our eyes was about solving the basics like typical NGOs that have been working in the refugee camps for decades. However, Kakuma Ventures as an entity of particular concern to problems facing its founders and managers pioneered a different approach to revolutionize the model of dependency on aid and built resilience.

Kakuma Ventures enables the displaced to be co-creators of solutions for their own lives and destiny rather than relying on solutions developed by others who are not related to their problems in any way but motivated by humanitarianism.

After crafting our own road, we have now lived to see energized youth who transform their refugee community by connecting to the internet. Over 700 people connect to Kakuma Ventures access points daily for their work, communication, and education needs.

To do this we have succeeded to build 6 wifi zones and 17 access points to drive productivity and innovation in the Kakuma camp and Kalolbeyei settlement. 80% of targeted locations are yet to be connected… Become a co-builder of wireless networks in refugee camps.