How Kakuma Ventures Addresses the Challenges Faced by People on the Receiving End of Aid

Meet Innocent – Founder and Managing Director of Kakuma Ventures. He wrote an opinion piece on cash voucher assistance (CVA) that was published by Cash Learning Partnership on September 23. The 5-minute read emphasized the mission and vision of Kakuma Ventures by reopening conversations on the microeconomics of the poor, the dignity of beneficiaries, value for money, aid program design and implementation, and participation of beneficiaries among many other complex topics.

From the start of Kakuma Ventures, Innocent visioned to build the self-reliance of marginalized communities and embarked on the mission to enable emerging markets in lower resource areas including refugee camps to excel in a globalized economy. Kakuma Ventures has been achieving this complex mission by building partnerships with targeted communities and supporters of the agenda 2030. The enterprise founded and led by displaced persons provides residents of the Kakuma refugee camp access to information by connecting them to the internet for developing critical skills for self-reliance and building enterprises that solve the most pressing problems in this refugee community.

Partner with us to be part of the transformation that promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion for all by supporting a refugee student in Kakuma refugee camp to connect to the internet to access content on their school’s server or by launching a refugee entrepreneur systematically excluded from the credit system.

Thank you,

KV Team