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Kakuma Ventures is looking at scaling its connectivity project in Kakuma Refugee Camp and its environs. The early stage of the business has proved that the WIFI hotspot will: Provide affordable access to reliable connectivity, real-time access to learning content, information and facilitate online business transactions.

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Kakuma Refugee Camp is located in a remote area far away from major cities in Kenya with less adequate roads and ICT infrastructure. Close to 200,000 refugees live in Kakuma and Kalobeyei and they are constrained to limited freedom of movement.
Based on our estimates, 98% of young people who are pursuing their higher education and professional courses are enrolled in online programs to pursue their education without leaving the camp. However, connectivity to the internet remains expensive and unreliable inside the camp for individuals and businesses to get connected to the rest of the world either for business, information, communication or learning. Students learning online are the most affected.
The few learning centers in the camp that provide access to connectivity for learning, are located at distance, they are crowded with limited access, and they only operate during business hours when the heat is at pick. Some students in the camp have family responsibilities, run businesses or work somewhere. Students, businesses and individuals need a flexible access to a reliable connectivity at a better price to do their online activities from their businesses, home, or neighborhoods at their convenient time either during the day or at night. This way, students save time, money and energy traveling to learning centers to access education.

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