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Connectivity – Wifi Hotspot

Kakuma Refugee Camp is located in a remote area far away from major cities in Kenya with less adequate roads and ICT infrastructure. Close to 200,000 refugees live in Kakuma and Kalobeyei and they are constrained to limited freedom of movement.
Based on our estimates, 98% of young people who are pursuing their higher education and professional courses are enrolled in online programs to pursue their education without leaving the camp. However, connectivity to the internet remains expensive and unreliable inside the camp for individuals and businesses to get connected to the rest of the world either for business, information, communication or learning. Students learning online are the most affected.
The few learning centers in the camp that provide access to connectivity for learning, are located at distance, they are crowded with limited access, and they only operate during business hours when the heat is at pick. Some students in the camp have family responsibilities, run businesses or work somewhere. Students, businesses and individuals need a flexible access to a reliable connectivity at a better price to do their online activities from their businesses, home, or neighborhoods at their convenient time either during the day or at night. This way, students save time, money and energy traveling to learning centers to access education.

Massive Flooding in Kakuma

There is massive flooding in Kakuma following heavy rains in the region. Kakuma soil is believed to be unpenetratable by water and poor drainage system is worsening the situation. Bridges and roads linking to major cities are flooding causing a delay and shortage of supplies delivery to the camp. Roads aroumd the camp are unpassable…Read more

About the Grand Challenges Humanitarian Application

From the website: Grand Challenges Canada is dedicated to supporting Bold Ideas with Big Impact®. Funded by the Government of Canada and other partners, Grand Challenges Canada funds innovators in low- and middle-income countries and Canada. The bold ideas Grand Challenges Canada supports integrate science and technology, social and business innovation – known as…Read more

Application Questions

Our application for Grand Challenges is about a new logistics and supply chain model for the camp. Kakuma Ventures Mission: Building a logistics and supply chain center for small businesses focused on basic living needs of those in a refugee camp. Our goal is to start businesses that use existing technology to solve food, water,…Read more

Business Plan

Relief agencies normally spend as much as 80% of their proceeds on logistics and supply chain, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres. KV wants to fill the gap that UN and other humanitarian agencies have in spending on logistics to reach refugees. Our innovation, again, focuses on providing fresh water, food,…Read more

Logistics – motorbike

Motorbike for Transportation of People and Goods

Kakuma camp is scattered to sections that are distant from one another. There are camp 1, 2, 3, 4 and the new settlment at around 20 miles.

People need to move around to visit their families and friends, seek for goods and services. Motorbikes are the major transportation means that avail potential business opportunities for young people in the camp to make their income and provide the most needed service to the refugee community.

We are raising fund for this project that expect to return the capital within 10 months

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